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Light for the Birds

Vitamin D is essential for your birds health. This article covers the "Why and How" to provide the light for Vitamin D conversion.

Found at bird?

When you see a little bird on the ground, it does not mean it needs your help.


BirD-elicious Food is available NOW

Call or email now to place your order while supplies are up. Help your feather challenged birds with the therapeutic diet they need.

Our Fred Before

BirD-elicious Gourmet Parrot Food LINK

We have been using BirD-elicious Eclectus and now African Gray food for a couple of years and are extremely pleased. We started because the "Eckies" were in terrible feather from liver damage from many years of a straight pellet diet. Bottom line, the birds have re-feathered. It is forever changing the way to feed your birds. Check it out,
There is a link at the bottom of this page that takes you to BirD-elicious. Do yourself and you bird a favor, click it.

A bird and his toy
2 weeks and still usable toy

2013 Tax Deductible Donation Time

2013 Tax Year

To: Friends of Birdlink Sanctuary,

Thank you for your donations to support the efforts of Birdlink Sanctuary, Inc. in 2012. It is time to consider your tax-deductible donation for this year.


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