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How Much Does Your Bird Weigh?

Dear Bird Owners,
As our society grows ever larger, so then does the waist line of our birds. Birds that are sedentary do not burn the food they are taking in by moving from dish to dish. The attached file is an interesting observation by an avian vet, chronicling the the numbers of exotic birds he has seen and the average weight of each type based on his observations.

I checked our hyacinth, Lani and he is to weigh 2.5 pounds, 1144 grams. Now I have to get him on the scale. I'll let you know what he weighs. Check the list for your birds weight.


Birdlink Bird Adoption Center

Dear friends of Birdlink. Our numbers have grown significantly and I need to do more adoptions. I am looking for a store front in Weatherford where we can have "Birdlink Bird Adoption Center" for about 6 month, So more people can come see the birds and adopt. If someone needs more traffic in the store and wants to share their space. PLEASE come visit and talk to me. We do not have the thousands $ a month for rent but we have a lot of visitors from all over Texas and would dramatically increase the traffic to any location. We can be very good for business.


Respiratory Therapy

We have a little young male parakeet that has a chronic runny nose. Conventional methods of treatment have not done more than temporary relief. So the creative team of volunteers build a bird inhalation chamber. We had a nebulizer donated. So a cocktail of Tobramycin and Albuterol in saline was calculated. It is real challenge to go from newborn weight and dose to parakeet. But we finally figured it out.

Respiratory therapy chamber