About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of bird loving individuals. We have been accepting surrendered pet exotic birds for decades. We are a 501C3 Non Profit Texas Corporation.

What do we do?

We accept any and all unwanted, deformed, abused and neglected pet birds. We have large aviaries for many of the birds to free fly. Others are in cages around our home. They are all fed, watered, interacted with daily, and warm in winter. In summer we cool with fans and misters.
We have forty plus parrots; macaws, amazons, love birds, cockatiels and conures. Some have broken wings that were never set, so they can't fly, a couple have spinal deformities so they can't walk, but fly like eagles. A few are missing toes and a foot. Some are feather pluckers that have permanent feather loss. Some are old breeder birds that are no longer productive, don't like people and just want to spend the rest of their lives peacefully. They are all welcome.

What is our experience?

About thirty years ago we were sub-permitees under Pierre and the late Ann Bradshaw of On the Wing Again. We handled transportation, flight conditioning, raise rats for raptor food and rehabbed song birds until release. We stopped doing wild birds for a couple of year until a chance encounter with an avian vet, who asked us to take an unwanted exotic bird. From that one has come the forty + and there will be more.

What is next?

The recession has hit all of us and the birds. People that love their birds but can no longer afford the expensive care have to make sacrifices. They are parting with their birds. Breeders are finding a slower market and are reducing their flocks. Our personal resources are stretched, so we have to be sure that the birds are protected long term. So we have taken steps to create a Non Profit organization for rescue birds, and animals

We are organized, building a volunteer team. We have birds for adoption, foster care of special birds and our a pet therapy programs. People that love birds can come to the sanctuary and sit by the aviaries, talk to the birds or sing to them. It is wonderfully, mutually beneficial. I can keep the cages clean and everyone fed but the birds need the socializing provided by volunteers and Senior Sitters.

Membership is open and we are looking for volunteers to spend time with the birds to socialize them and do some cleaning.

We are excited, so join us and be involved.Call first.

Jean B. Gibson
Texas USA