What to do when you find a baby bird.

When to Rescue a Bird
In the following situations a rescue may be need. Learn how to rescue a bird

If the bird is bleeding, shivering, lethargic, or unresponsive.
If the bird has been attacked by a cat or dog.
If the parents or siblings are known to be dead.
Window Strikes
If a bird hits your window and is unable to fly away, place it in a box or paper bag with air holes and put it in a warm, dark, quiet place for one to two hours. If it is unable to fly away within two hours, take it to the nearest wildlife rehabilitator for medical care.

Baby Songbird Rescue
In many situations young birds need only a little help or no help at all. Contrary to popular belief, parents will not reject their babies if humans have touched them.

Nestlings are young birds with only downy feathers. If they are found on the ground and are not injured they can be returned to the nest from which they fell or a surrogate nest can be created.

Fledglings are young birds just learning to fly and they spend a lot of time on the ground. These birds are still protected and fed by their parents and do not need to be rescued unless they have been injured. If you find a fledgling in your yard, protect him by keeping pets away and encouraging children to watch from a distance.