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Girl Scout Tara Tiller Completed Girl Scout Project

In the 100th Anniversary Year of Girl Scouting in the United States, a local charity benefitted from the highest challenge a Girl Scout ever undertakes, the Gold Award. Aledo High School Senior, Tara Tiller met this large challenge just before Christmas by completing construction of a large, walk-in bird aviary for Birdlink Sanctuary, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that takes in abandoned, surrendered, or unwanted exotic birds. Birdlink is to birds what Animal Shelters are to dogs and cats. Birds are rehabilitated and new homes are found for them.


A Male Bird with a Female Owner Can Spell Disaster

I pull up in front of the house, turn off the key, and walk to the front door. From the porch I can hear my Umbrella Cockatoo raising hell inside. He saw me through the window and “MaMa is home.”

I try to put down my paperwork and change my clothes, all the while Poppy is screeching like a banshee, popping out our eardrums and completely ignoring me ignoring him.

My husband shakes his head and tells me, “He doesn’t do this when you aren’t here. He’s perfectly quiet and plays in his cage when I’m not playing with him.”

The Precious Parakeet

Long before I began working with the Sanctuary, I did what I now know is the unthinkable, I bought a parakeet at a retail store. The store was run by bird breeders and I chose a little white one with a pretty blue underbelly, who put his little beak up to the window I was looking through.