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S.O.S. - From Southwest to Southeast

I am a bird lover, Bird-Mom to two smaller parrots, and passionately involved with Birdlink Sanctuary. Whenever I travel I gravitate toward like-minded people and sanctuaries that accept and rehabilitate injured and neglected birds. This past December, I was fortunate enough to find Save Our Birds, Inc., a not for profit sanctuary located on City Island in Sarasota Florida.

Having lived in Sarasota for 35 years, I was familiar with this area and had known it to be The Pelican Man’s Bird Sanctuary. It was the largest Wildlife Rescue and Rehab Center in Florida. Their mission was:

Save our Seabirds, Inc.

Wings and Things: 10 day-old Lovebird

What a blessing! I was granted the privilege of hand-raising a 10 day-old Lovebird. I now have a brand new perspective on wings!

This little baby seemed so tiny and fragile even though he was the largest of his clutch. When I first handled this little ball of fuzz with a beak, I was nervous about crushing him. As we were on our way home from his birthplace, and we walked down the front steps (well, I walked, he hitched a ride), he raised his featherless wings in response. It amazed me.

Wings and Things

In previous newsletters, we examined the pros and cons of keeping a companion bird's wings clipped. What if your bird has begun to pluck her feathers for one reason or another? What if you are fostering or have adopted a bird that plucks?

Joocey the Jardine

Celebrating our Connection to the Natural World

The annual Prairie Fest will be held on April 23rd this year. It is a free event hosted by the Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area. WE WILL BE THERE! Now is your opportunity to meet some of the birds many of you have been helping to support as well as their kind, informative, and energetic primary care-givers. You can get more information on the website: www.tandyhills.org A good time for all!

Baby Duck

I brought home a little fuzz ball from the Sanctuary yesterday. He is more commonly known as a baby duck, though there is no telling what 'kind' he is at this point.

When I got him home and let him out of the cage in the yard, he followed me around just the like the little geese followed young Anna Paquin around in Fly Away Home (great movie if you haven't seen it). He is SO cute!!


Wings and Things

In the wild, flying is essential to a bird's survival; there is no question about that. However, there are many questions concerning whether or not to clip a domesticated birds wings. Most of us probably have a definitive opnion about this issue, and I am one of them. Here is one of the reasons why I think clipping a bird's wings is a good idea.


It seems that Bandit has adjusted just fine to his new foster home. He eats so many different things, unlike Poco - who acts scared every time I try to introduce anything new. Bird food and nuts suit him just fine. A carrot here and there serves as gourmet food.


Jean, I am so happy to be involved with Birdlink Sanctuary, Inc. Whether one is in a position to care for the crippled and broken within humanity, or care for those in the animal kingdom, it is a privledge to be there. Naturally, living with, and loving a Pionus (named Poco), makes me partial to birds. You are doing a wonderful and selfless thing! Thank you for letting me be part of it.