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Parrot training

I just received this email from Barbara. It is a treasure of information.


Thank you for your email. It is quite obvious you love your avian companions. However at times they can present behavior that is perplexing and challenging. We do sympathize with your situation and we do congratulate you on your efforts to address problem behavior with a positive reinforcement approach!

Girl Scout Aviary

Girl Scout Tara Tiller earned her Girl Scout Gold Award by building an aviary for Birdlink Sanctuary. It is all done and we are just waiting on some good weather for the formal dedication. We will be adding about 30 lovebirds to this aviary. It will busy and colorful. We have woven grapevine for lots of perching space, colorful toys, huge shallow pans for food and water and shade screen on the west wall to protect from the harsh Texas sun. No nest boxes thank you.

Looking north
Looking south
Inside view
Tara Tiller Girl Scout

Fred Update

How do I express my frustration with Fred? He is on a wnoderful diet as defined by Machele Pacion. As you can see from the picture he is having his daily egg with all the herbs sprinkled on top. He loves his egg, especially the flax seed.

Breakfast time
He can still fly!
The dogs will eat all the left over egg.