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What to do when you find a baby bird.

When to Rescue a Bird
In the following situations a rescue may be need. Learn how to rescue a bird

If the bird is bleeding, shivering, lethargic, or unresponsive.
If the bird has been attacked by a cat or dog.
If the parents or siblings are known to be dead.
Window Strikes
If a bird hits your window and is unable to fly away, place it in a box or paper bag with air holes and put it in a warm, dark, quiet place for one to two hours. If it is unable to fly away within two hours, take it to the nearest wildlife rehabilitator for medical care.

Baby Songbird Rescue



Native American and South American Indians who use them in their costumes, here's a few pics of them. In the past we have send feathers to a native american gentleman that makes items like these.