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It is the day after and every muscle in my back and legs is sore. What a great work day!! The kids and volunteers were fantastic. Our plumber. Gerardo Merino sent down two men with a bobcat tractor to do dirt work, move the compost pile into the huge holes they dug, then push the dirt back on top. My half of the boys finished smoothing out the dirt and planted all the butterfly bushes, making HUGE clumps.
The other half of the boys worked with AJ getting his Soaring Spirit treatment room SPOTLESS!!
At noon we all collapsed and Jim Gibson served up a pulled pork BBQ that was EXCELLENT!!



With all that we have been doing to get our federal and Texas rehab permits for the hawks and owls, we postponed completing the "bird room". What was our "bird house" has been taken over by Soaring Spirits Raptor Center. So my beautiful exotics will just be closer, in a new space, heated and air conditioned, with lots of windows. I intend to draw murals on the walls so the macaws and the rest will have the tropical rain forest environment. I am not an artist, but the birds don't complain.
So today I am going to post a few pictures of before, of today and then completion.

In the beginning there was the back yard.
Then we had to move birds onto the porch and shade them.
The next step was to frame in.
Today's mess. The windows and door have been delivered and go in tomorrow.

Federal and Texas Permits.

I am beside myself with joy. The netting is up and the permit applications are in the mail!!
Thank you Lord for another blessing!! Now the hard part begins - waiting to hear back from 2 government agencies.
Once we get our permits ( from UA Fish and Wildlife and Texas Parks and Wildlife) we will then be able to rehab raptors and apply for education permits for special raptors to enter our educational programs.
I am getting old but the Lord is keeping me going to care for His birds.

the flight conditioning pen netting is up!!

Flight Conditioning Pen

I can't say the flight pen is "DONE" there are still some details to be finished. but I am very sure that for today I AM DONE! I am printing up the photos I just took and will send them off to the US fish and Wildlife and to Texas Park. Tomorrow we will deal with down lines and securing the netting to the cables. For today I will just say - Thank You Lord for all your many blessing. God made it happen and so much better than I would have ever dreamed.

Flight Pen Nettingis in place.