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Animal Control Rotation

With Jean as my supervisor at the sanctuary I am pretty much guaranteed to have a very diverse experience. She told me personally, "that she doesn't want me getting bored and that she wants me to have as diverse of an experience as possible." As part of my diverse experience I rode with Parker County Animal Control, because at one point, I had thought that animal control might be something I might pursue after college.

Ducky the Starling!

I don’t know how many of the readers have heard about Ducky. He was named by one of our volunteers because he was all mouth when he arrived. He or she at this point (undetermined) was brought to us as a hatchling. I am calling Ducky “he” until positive identification can be affirmed as to gender.

The Precious Parakeet

Long before I began working with the Sanctuary, I did what I now know is the unthinkable, I bought a parakeet at a retail store. The store was run by bird breeders and I chose a little white one with a pretty blue underbelly, who put his little beak up to the window I was looking through.

Should I buy an unweaned parrot?

That is a question I still get asked quite often. Many people are under the misconception that an unweaned baby parrot will bond to them more than a weaned baby will. And this is simply just not true. A properly weaned baby parrot has learned how to eat a multitude of different foods, how to play with lots of toys, and how to interact with people and other species of parrot (if possible). A weaned baby should also be familiar with bathing, having his toenails clipped, and possibly a wing trim. It really isn’t just as simple as feeding formula for a few weeks or months.